The Basics of Pest Control


Pest Control

Pest Control is the process of preventing or controlling the growth of certain pests in a property. The goal of pest control team is to reduce pest numbers to an acceptable level and minimize the damage caused to other organisms. The methods used to achieve this goal are prevention, suppression, and eradication. Prevention involves preventing pests from developing in the first place, while suppression reduces pest numbers by destroying a pest’s entire population.


Pest Control methods include biological, chemical, and physical controls. Physical controls include physical barriers that prevent pests from establishing in a given area. Physical barriers may include barrier fences, traps, and screens. Insect-eating fish and nematodes can also help control pest populations. Physical controls are often applied to agricultural fields.

Monitoring is an essential part of pest control, and involves regularly inspecting a property or site for pests. Monitoring helps determine which pests pose the greatest risk and the most effective pest control methods. It also allows you to determine the right timing for use of the control techniques. Once you have identified the pest, you can determine which method will be most effective for the pest and the environment.

To prevent the spread of pesticides, make sure to follow label directions and use only those products that target the pests in your property. You should also take precautions by storing pesticides in an unapproachable location. Insecticides can land on people and pets, so you should be careful not to use these products around children.

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