What is a URL Scanner?

A URL scanner is a tool that enables you to check the integrity of a web page. It can help you discover malicious or fraudulent links and determine the legitimacy of a site. Using a good scanner ensures you can have a safe web browsing experience.

A URL scanner uses artificial intelligence to identify suspicious websites and detect malicious content. It can be used on its own or incorporated into a SIEM application. Unlike antivirus software, a URL scanner can scan multiple sites in order to determine whether a website is infected with malware.

A URL scanner also provides information about the website’s appearance. For example, it can provide details about the domain name, server location, and URLs that may have been infected. These details can be helpful for the website owner in determining if a web page is infected.

There are several free websites that offer this service. ScanURL, for example, is an ad-supported site that allows users to submit URLs through a secure HTTPS link. Users can view the results immediately. In addition, users can share the results with others via a sharable link.

Another service that offers a comprehensive URL scanning service is VirusTotal. The company also offers a Google Chrome extension called VTChromizer. This extension enables users to perform link scanning directly from the VirusTotal website.

Depending on the level of the service, a good URL scanner can help you detect phishing, malware, and other threats. A good link scanner can also help you protect your network from unauthorized users.