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The team at Career Boost Resume Writing is highly experienced, well-versed in the latest industry trends and hiring practices, and adept at optimizing resumes for the applicant tracking systems (ATS) recruiters use. The company also offers career coaching and outplacement services that help job seekers maximize their professional potential.

The company focuses on preparing candidates for interviews, including providing practice questions and conducting mock interviews. It also assists with salary negotiations and helps candidates land their ideal positions. Career Boost Resume Writing is a trusted partner of top employers and organizations.

The Power of a Career-Boosting Resume: Tips for Effective Writing

When listing your work experience, place a special emphasis on your accomplishments and make sure they’re quantifiable. For example, instead of simply listing your responsibilities, note that you reduced costs by X% or increased social media engagement by Y%. This will help prospective employers visualize the impact you could have on their business.

Avoid leaving gaping holes in your work history and address them if you do have gaps. If possible, explain why you left your last position and what skills and qualifications you gained during the time away from the workforce. You can even include a brief list of personal achievements, such as running a marathon, if they’re relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Keep the length of your resume to a maximum of one page, or two at the very most. This ensures that your resume will fit on ATS software and makes it easier for recruiters to scan. Also, stick to a professional font size of no smaller than 11 pt, and preferably 12 pt. Anything lower may not be clearly legible or look unprofessional.

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