The typical IP address for a computer network is considered as the first IP address (an internet domain) that is sent out from the router or access point. The IP address is then translated into the logical address which is used by the client computer to connect to the internet. Usually, most users do not know the difference between the IP address and the logical address. In fact, when you log in to the internet, the IP address is what is given to you by your ISP as your username and password to access the internet. Listed below are some of the main reasons why you need to change your username and password on your router.

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Network configuration – if you are using an old or outdated Ethernet card or network configuration, then you may have needed to change the IP address translation from your ISP”192.168. 0.1“. For most residential clients, changing the IP address requires them to obtain another Ethernet card or connect to a new internet service provider (ISP). In case, you are connecting to a new LAN, then you would have needed to configure your new LAN settings or connect a new printer to get the IP address and port forwarding as described in section 4 of How To Configure Your Router for VoIP. In any case, you will need to change your IP address for you to login to your computer.

Security – a VPN is used for anonymous browsing through the internet that is done from one computer to another over the public internet or a private network. An IP address identifies each computer on a subnet and provides security and authentication for these computers. If you have been a victim of hacking, a VPN can help you by masking your real IP address and help you in web browsing anonymously. If you are interested in accessing websites that are not accessible in your area or region, then IPV6 is a great option.

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