Concord HVAC Air Conditioning

One way to determine the size of your heating and air conditioning concord nc Concord HVAC air conditioning system is to look at the model number. This can usually be found on the data plate located on the condenser, and is divisible by six or twelve. The model number indicates the amount of BTUs the system produces in thousands of BTUs. One ton of air conditioning has approximately 12,000 BTU. For example, the model number 4HP16LT48P would equal four tons of cooling, while the AC14L18P model has an output of 1.5 tons.

The company has an extensive history dating back to 1895, when Dave Lennox sold his first furnace. The company’s official name was changed in 1955 from Lennox Furnace Company to Lennox Industries, Inc., and in 1978 the company’s world headquarters moved from Iowa to Dallas, Texas. Lennox International became a public company in 1999. Concord offers heat pumps and air conditioners with thirteen to eighteen SEER ratings. Many of their units feature low-noise defrost control and scroll compressors for quiet operation.

The Concord HVAC air conditioning company provides services for both residential and commercial customers. The team specializes in split-system installation and repair. The company also offers a consultation to assess your cooling needs. In addition to repair services, the company also offers preventative maintenance programs to extend the life of your HVAC system. The team is experienced, professional, and honest. They also offer warranties for new HVAC installations. They are NATE certified and HomeAdvisor-approved.

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