The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a big, heavy, portable battery power station that can be used for camping or outdoor work. It’s a great solution for people who need a reliable source of power. Find out ecoflow delta pro price |

Its large LiFePo4 batteries are safe, long-lasting, and have a shelf life of years before losing much of their storage capacity. It also supports charging 6 different ways, including a direct connection through an EV charge station and solar power.

A smart home panel and extra battery add-ons are available that can make it even more powerful. These accessories are all proprietary and I couldn’t test them, but they all work in tandem with the Delta Pro to automatically switch your home’s power needs to the battery system in case of a blackout.

Powering Up Your Off-Grid Life with Delta Pro EcoFlow: A Complete Guide

X-boost and X-stream enable fast charging The Delta Pro’s X-boost charge output is 600W, which can be boosted to 1800W for short periods – EcoFlow calls this ‘X-boost’ – enabling a quick recharge from a wall outlet. That’s surprisingly fast for a power station with a battery this large, but there are limits to how many devices can be plugged into it at one time without it running out of charge.

Expansion batteries and a double voltage hub help boost the Delta Pro’s battery capacity to 25,000 Wh. Connecting these additional batteries to the Delta Pro is easy and will increase the power of your system by tripling its capacity, allowing you to run devices that aren’t covered by your main Delta Pro like your HVAC and water heating systems.

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