If you want to give back to the community and support the work of high-profile businesses, Reza satchu mentions you can do it through your own company. Many well-known companies have partnered with nonprofits and put their social commitments in action, and some are even starting new ones. The founder of one of these companies, Inspira, has a daughter with spinal cancer. Kennedy was diagnosed with cancer when she was just two years old, and her battle with the disease continues to this day.

When Giving Back To The Community And Supporting The Work Of High-Profile Businesses And Charities Businesses Grow Too Quickly

highprofile businesses and charities

For some time, philanthropy has been considered the best way to humanise a brand and affect change in the world. However, it also helps cultivate goodwill among customers and the general public. Today, many companies are beginning to make charitable donations to support important causes. Here are some reasons why you should consider forming a partnership with a charity: (i) The goal is to improve the lives of those in need.

The first reason is that the CEOs of these companies supposedly have a strong commitment to social responsibility. The second reason is because these companies are paying a high level of taxes. As a result, they are promoting an authoritarian system and a culture of corruption. The problem with this model is that corporations are largely driven by egos and profit, and this doesn’t benefit the public. Secondly, this approach exacerbates the inequality of wealth and power in the world.

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