IPQualityScore (IPQS) provides an expert email validation service. Unlike other services, IPQS identifies high risk mail services, disposable emails, spam traps, fake and abusive accounts. Their insights help prevent fraudulent transactions.

How to verify a email address?

IPQS is based in the US and offers custom pricing models. The company also offers assistance in setting up the system. Using their API, you can get more detailed information about an email address. Moreover, they can provide more than 15 data points, including the line type, carrier, first and last name, and geo location.

IPQualityScore email validation is also capable of detecting honeypot emails. Honeypot emails are stealthy and can cause blacklisting by big ISPs. It is best to avoid sending emails to suspected honeypots.

IPQS’s Email Validation API performs hundreds of syntax checks to ensure that the email address you want to validate is valid and can be used for incoming messages. This will help you improve deliverability rates.

IPQS’s fraud prevention suite will also prevent fraudulent users, bots and fake accounts. You can even use the Premium Account feature to detect bad behavior and frequency of abuse.

In addition, IPQS has developed a proprietary method to support email blockers. IPQS engineers score hundreds of millions of user events daily, allowing them to determine the validity of an email. Ultimately, IPQS can identify perfectly valid email addresses that have engaged in high risk behaviors.

IPQS also provides an extension for their API that lets you update leads/contacts in real-time. The API also allows you to perform batch lookups by uploading CSV files.

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