Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need to kick back, purple punch strain delivers a potent blow of bliss. You’ll find your worries dissolve like clouds in the sky, and muscle tension aches melt away. If you’re battling stress, or anxiety, or if you simply need to wind down before bed, purple punch cannabis is the perfect remedy.

Exploring the Purple Punch Strain: Sweet, Fruity, and Potent

Purple Punch strain is an indica-dominant hybrid of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. This unique pedigree contributes to the strain’s stunning terpene profile and flavorful bud. Purple Punch’s high THC content and indica effects provide a potent, cerebral buzz that relaxes the body.

The terpenes in this purple marijuana strain create a complex aroma that’s full of notes like grape soda, Skittles, and blueberries. These hints are balanced by earthy, herbal notes and undertones of nutty funk from its OG heritage.

A heavy dose of myrcene makes up 19% of the Purple Punch terpene profile. This terpene is found in many fruits, spices, and herbs, and contributes to the fruity notes of this strain.

Purple Punch is easy to grow, and despite its Indica dominant traits, yields a substantial crop under the right conditions. Its flowers are large and dense, encased in a thick coating of crystal-like trichomes. Under ideal conditions, this purple weed plant will flourish with big, bright buds that display deep shades of violet and green. A great choice for those with a little growing experience, Purple Punch is ready to harvest after 8 weeks of flowering.

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