“Sobha Attibele” is an excellent book for all women. The author, Sobha Attibele, is an expert on women’s fashion, and this book is a tour through the world of fashion with a heavy emphasis on Jewish women. I have read many books by others about clothes, especially fashion, but this one has a bit more depth to it than most. In fact, part of the book is a history of women in Israel who were so empowered by their faith that they transformed their clothing to reflect it. The book is chock full of photos, as well as text about fashion from various cultures, including the ancient Egyptians.

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What I like about the book is the author’s voice. As a former Jewish woman, I appreciated that Attibele was very familiar with Jewish culture and did not write in a stereotypical way as so many writers of this genre tend to do. I also enjoyed the simple, elegant style of writing that kept the book interesting, even though there were references to contemporary styles as well. And there were definitely references to traditional Jewish clothing, which is always refreshing.

Sobha Attibele is certainly a women’s historian and designer, and her book is extremely helpful in teaching you just how fashion has changed over the centuries. The book is chock full of cultural as well as historical data and photographs to allow you to examine the changes over time. I especially liked the photos because they are so vivid and show such a variety of clothes and styles that have been worn through time and by so many people. While reading the book reminded me of some of my early fashion ideas, I realized that certain aspects of the fashion of my time are no longer relevant, or perhaps no longer practical. This book provides a sharp look at the past while bringing you along the current, in a manner that is easy to read and enjoyable to learn.

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