Increasing internet penetration and the growing esports scene in Thailand have helped the country’s gaming industry boom in recent years. Last year, the gaming industry in Thailand generated US$1 billion in revenue. It is estimated that the mobile gaming sector will grow at 7% per year to $200 million by 2021.

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Thais enjoy a variety of games, including role playing and adventure games. They also enjoy simulation games. The most popular game is Candy Crush, which is largely played by women. Another popular game is Fortnite. คลิกเลย

Most Thai gamers prefer to play on mobile devices, with 95% of gamers using mobile gaming applications. Mobile game purchases account for 69% of SEA’s overall video game revenues.

According to i-dac Bangkok’s survey, the most popular games among Thai gamers are adventure games, simulation games, and role playing games. Among the top games in Thailand, 35% are localized into Thai.

Despite the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, PC and consoles are still the most popular gaming platforms in Thailand. In fact, 84% of gamers play PC games.

Those who play online games spend money on in-game purchases. According to i-dac Bangkok, the most popular purchase item is in-game currencies. Among paying gamers, 95% spend money on in-game products.

The Thai gaming market has grown substantially in the past year. More big-name games are expected to enter the market in the near future. The Thai government has shown interest in supporting the industry’s growth. In order to get into the market, online gaming companies must submit an application form to the Office of Board of Investment. The government requires that the game company establish a Thai company within six months after the application is approved.

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