A workout set is the number of consecutive reps you do in a single exercise before taking a break. This is important for achieving maximum results from your workouts.

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There are different types of sets, according to your fitness goals. You can do a hypertrophy set, a strength set or a endurance set, each with varying rep ranges.

High reps are good for building muscle mass and improving strength, says Liles. They also help you burn fat more effectively, she adds.

You can increase the weight for each set as your body gets stronger, she says. For example, if you’re working on your arms, try adding about 1 pound to 2 pounds each time you lift the weight.

Rest-Pause: This technique is used for gaining muscle mass, and it involves resting for a few seconds between reps. Alternatively, you can use forced reps, which involve a partner helping you push the weight up past your failure point.

Drop Sets: This lifting technique, popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a great way to really shock your muscles. During the first set, you’ll do a lot of reps with a light weight, and then decrease that weight for your next set.

Tri-sets: A similar concept, tri-sets involve choosing two exercises for the same or opposing muscle groups and doing them one after the other with no rest between. This can be a very intense and challenging way to work out, says Tang.

Pyramid sets are another great option, according to Tang. With these, you start with a heavy weight and a high number of reps, then you reduce the weight and increase the reps for each set.

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