Andrew Tate has gained notoriety for his lifestyle and boasts of a wealth of expensive cars and private jets on his social media accounts. He also created online dating courses aimed at men and marketing access to a group chat on Telegram called “The War Room”. The Real World AI is a mentorship program marketed as a platform of individuals who work towards liberating modern-day men from socially induced incarceration through wealth creation and starting profitable businesses. It provides daily educational videos, access to resources, and guidance. Check this out ti

The program offers lessons in 18 different methods for making money with varying degrees of success. It’s designed to be a step-by-step process tailored to every student based on their hobbies, interests, strengths, and current financial situation. Among the available options are creating YouTube videos that monetize with ads, running dropshipping or private label businesses, and investing in the stock market.

The Real World AI Evolution: Andrew Tate’s Predictions

Each campus within The Real World AI is led by a professor, whom Tate has hand-selected for their experience in a particular field of business. According to the website, these instructors have amassed fortunes of over $1 million using the same methods they’re eager to teach others.

While some users of The Real World AI claim to have made significant profits from the platform, others say that it’s a scam. In addition to its hefty membership fees, the program has been accused of being a pyramid scheme

, with members earning 48 per cent commission on sales generated by new recruits.

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